OK FBLA-PBL Program Overview

The Future of Business in Oklahoma

Oklahoma FBLA has served Oklahoma schools and communities for over 75 years. Whatever your plan is, whatever business you go into one day, join FBLA and make a business plan for your life, leadership, and beyond. 

Who can join?

FBLA is open to any student who is enrolled in a business course (e.g. accounting, small business, entrepreneurship, supply chain, marketing, graphic design, negotiation) or business-related courses (examples: communications, mathematics, English, journalism, computers, coding, etc.).

 The primary requirement for having an FBLA program is the approval of school administration, the support of a faculty teacher(s) to be an adviser, and students who want to become future business leaders! 

FBLA welcomes students and teachers from:

  • - Public Universities, Community Colleges, and High Schools
  • - Career Technology Centers
  • - Private/Parochial Schools
  • - Charter Schools and Virtual Schools
  • - Home Schools
  • - Middle School/Junior High

If you are interested in business, then we are interested in you joining FBLA!

How does FBLA benefit your business community?

FBLA benefits the business community at large because of one word: service. FBLA members are encouraged to serve and help improve their communities and schools, because that is what leaders do. Through their time in FBLA, members develop business leadership skills, strengthen their confidence, and grow their networks. 

Students learn the nuts and bolts of business leadership and entrepreneurship giving them a more hands-on educational experience while equipping them with the values of hard work, teamwork, and personal initiative. Some FBLA chapters operate real-life businesses as part of their FBLA experience, giving them workforce experience before graduating high school. 

How does FBLA benefit students and advisers?

Student members learn how to be leaders who serve in the business world. They gain access to networking opportunities, skills training, and leadership events. FBLA curriculum is business-centered to prepare them for success as future business leaders. 

Advisers gain access to supplemental curriculum that enhances the learning environment they create for their students. Advisers get to experience exclusive networking, professional development, and educational opportunities.

How does FBLA benefit your school?

FBLA chapters provide a "showcase" for student achievement and progress, reflecting the initiative and leadership of teachers, FBLA advisers, and school administration at both local and state levels.

Being a co-curricular organization, educators are able to integrate FBLA into established business curriculum giving students an enhanced learning experience. 

How can you partner?

Oklahoma FBLA-PBL chapter is powered by the passion-driven donations from businesses and individuals wanting to make a difference in their communities. With no state or federal funding, this chapter continues to grow on the energy and resources of our partners and volunteers!

Through the dedication of volunteers and local chapter advisers, Oklahoma FBLA-PBL continues to be a powerful, productive, progressive force for building the future generation of leaders.

You can partner through:

Sponsorships - Donations - Exhibitors - Workshop - Judges - Speak

What are the benefits of joining FBLA or starting a chapter?

FBLA offers students an enhanced learning experience. 

Joining FBLA or starting a chapter will be one of the best decisions students make in their early careers. Members gain access to FBLA conferences, competitive events, networking opportunities, skills training, and advanced curriculum.  

The Oklahoma chapter hosts two conferences each year—State Fall Leadership Conference (a one–day event hosted by a local chapter) and the State Leadership Conference (held in the spring at which members may compete for the honor of representing Oklahoma at the National Leadership Conferences and new state officers are elected).

Each year, a dedicated group of state officers work with the state staff to make membership in FBLA-PBL one of the highlights of a student's educational experiences.

What does it take to launch an FBLA chapter at my school?

Launching a chapter is simple and easy! We have staff ready to help you smoothly launch a chapter at your school!

Step 1: For more information contact our State Director at [email protected].

Step 2: Register your chapter with National FBLA-PBL.

Step 3: Host a meeting to promote FBLA and what it has to offer students.

What is the commitment?

We know your time is valuable. While there is no required time commitment for FBLA-PBL chapters, we have a list of activities and engagements that your chapter can look forward to along with estimated time commitments:

Chapter meetings (1-2 hours/month)
Officer meetings held weekly or biweekly (2-4 hours/month)
Service projects held once a semester
Competitive event prep
Leadership training

What does FBLA-PBL cost?

It is free to launch an FBLA-PBL chapter at your school! Each member will pay their own membership fee (listed below):

FBLA & ML: $11/year

PBL: $15/year

There are also conference and event registration fees if your chapter decides to participate.